Happy New Year


It’s 2018 and boy oh boy January has been a long month!

However happy belated New Year, i hope you are well. I am well, i just cannot believe it’s 2018 but i am so glad 2017 is gone. To be honest this post is late unintentionally, i set out to be more consistent in terms of blogging however i did not know which food to step off 2018 on, and two days before the end of the month i have settled on writing a summary of 2017.

My 2017 was a whirlwind i cannot summarise all the ups and downs in a single blogpost but i can say a few things. I learnt a lot, it was one of those ‘growth’ years were fundamental changes occurred and a year where i spent a lot of time in pain. I’ve been grieving for a good 3 years now, i don’t know what exactly keeps happening however i’ve  been jumping from one traumatic experience to another without a break and if i was to be honest i am exhausted. I am all cried out, and i just want a break. I’ve lost 4 individuals that played a big part in my life suddenly and it’s felt like a bad movie. I will write a post on loss/death sometime in the future because this season has been filled with lots of lessons and so much pain that we can all relate to. Aside from death i’ve been on the receiving end of some horrendous experiences that i would not wish on anyone  and overcoming that has been a challenge. It’s not all negative as i have also experienced a lot of love and positive things that it’s fair to say that 2017 was bitter sweet.

I am going to share some lessons i’ve learnt – the hard way!- and the things i am grateful for.



I learnt that in order to protect your peace it is necessary to let go of relationships and situations that no longer serve you. Growing up i found it necessary to maintain good relationships with people, i was taught to treat people the way i wanted to be treated and to forgive those who have done me wrong. Now what i was not taught was that not every relationship is worth maintaining and that some people are seasonal. As you progress in life there will be people that will need to be left behind in order for you to grow, it’s natural and it’s ok.

Toxic relationships and toxic people will disturb your peace and cause you unwanted stress, do yourself a favour and cut the cord. It will never get better, they will never get better, your life is too short to accommodate negative energy. You deserve peace.


Even when you don’t think that God can hear you, you should keep praying. You need to believe in something bigger than yourself because there will be moments that you won’t have it in you to push through difficulty. By believing in something bigger than you, you are able to see further than your current situation and believe in miracles.


You are your first priority, take care of your health. There is no point in spreading yourself thin and neglecting yourself because it will back fire. Your health is important, without a healthy mind and body you won’t be able to do anything. You need to look after your health in order to enjoy life. You cannot pour from an empty cup.


There is no point in being around people and environments that make you unhappy. Why punish yourself by being unhappy? Do not accept things in half, half effort, half love, half support, half whatever! Never compromise on your joy and do not sacrifice your joy- you are not a martyr.


I am grateful for my family. This year i was lucky to have been reconciled with family and to have spent time with family members that i hardly get to see. I was reminded just how blessed i am to come from a big family that loves deeply, a family that supports one another. We have grieved unbearably this past year however as we all gathered under one roof to uplift each other i was reminded of the value of family and love.

They say you can’t choose your birth family but you can choose your family of friends. I am grateful for my friends. I am lucky to have friends that i can class as life friends, people that i am pretty sure i will grow old with. Finding these people was not easy but i am glad that all the let downs and pain led me to find people that i can be myself with. People that love and support me, I am also grateful for the memories we have created and the traditions we have started. I love you guys!

I am grateful for my life and health. Having lost a friend and family members to sudden death i am reminded that life is fragile, you can be the healthiest person and still loose your life. Things have not been perfect, but i am alive.

I am grateful for my little sister, she is the wisest and sweetest person.

I am grateful to have worked hard enough to hold a job in my dream company doing what i have always dreamed of at such a young age.

I am grateful for the opportunity to start again, to make and learn from my mistakes and to rebuild my life.

2018 is looking promising! I am super excited for what is to come. I think that after a terrible season in life you gain perspective on what really matters. It’s important to learn the lessons even when you don’t want to because everything comes full circle. I am not where i was at the beginning of 2017 and could never have dream of being where i am today. I am grateful for all the bad because the good is beyond my wildest dreams.

Hope you had a lovely new year, i cannot wait to share some magical content.

Love and Light



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