A few months back a couple gal pals and i went to checkout Liverpool hotspot Neighbourhood. Decked out in neon signs, retro deco and pink furniture Neighbourhood is the North’s equivalent to London’s Sketch. 

If we are friends there is a good chance that food is an integral part of our bond- i am a sucker for good food and company. Luckily most friends and associates of mine are big foodies and no one dares mention ‘diet’ when we decide that a food date is on the cards. With that being said, the ladies and i decided that we needed a pre big weekend catch up with a lot of food and so we headed over to Neighbourhood.


Arriving just before 6pm we made our way through the relatively empty restaurant and were seated by a lovely waiter. The restaurant is tucked away on the corner of castle street, you know it’s there but it’s one of those that is easy to walk past, always meaning to ‘pop in one day’. The restaurant is definitely impressive upon entrance, and i could not get over the neon signage, i was a little obsessed with the blue one that read ‘first never follows’.

We took our seats and immediately reached for the menus, i was not prepared for the selection on offer. You see when entering you do not know what kind of food the place offers, you kind of know it’s not your typical burger and chips kinda eatery but you wouldn’t expect the diversity available either catering to different taste buds the menu featured; Lobster, Korean bbq lamb, Mac n Cheese, Steak, Sushi etc… The diverse choice of dishes makes it difficult to choose, if you are not prepared for the wide selection then you will probably end up like how we were- we sat for a long while asking the waiter for reviews and recommendations. We eventually decided on a little bit of this and that and the  waiter seemed rather taken and impressed by our lengthy order-  we arrived a little hungry to say the least.

As we waited for our first course we chose a round of cute drinks and chatted about the typical twenty-something life.



Avocado starter

Choosing a drink from the drinks selection was equally difficult, the bar offers a wide selection with many nice sounding names. We chose to go for a South African White to allow balance between drink and the many pending flavours of the dishes we ordered. The wine went well the all the dishes we ordered and it was really good in general. Having just left uni it’s safe to say that i know nothing about what makes a wine ‘good’ but i can say that this was better than a glass of echo falls (don’t judge me!).




One thing about the menu was that avocado was plenty and unfortunately for me that meant options were slimmed- #allergies. I sent back my lobster taco’s reluctantly but decided that picking out the avocado from a few sushi pieces was worth the risk. The sushi was marvellous, the presentation and selection was divine. For my main dish, I chose the Salmon fillet with sticky rice, black bean soy and bok choy, it was a well balanced dish really filling and not overwhelming.

risotto and fish



The mains took us a couple of hours to eat, leaving us with mini food babies and a few popped open buttons. We looked at each other with raised eyebrows all having the question of dessert on our minds, “we really shouldn’t” we said “maybe we should just take a look…” we smirked. With little space left in our tummies we decided in unison that we would order dessert and run an extra mile later that week- it’s called balance 😉 .

Desert Menu

We initially chose doughnuts to share however the waiter let us down nicely- they had sold out… Nursing our wounds we opted for three different plates to share- three is better than one anyways. We quizzed the waiter and he helped us choose the three substitutes, he recommended the Lemon Meringue Pie and it turned out to be the best choice out of the three.


The night was lovely; couples, families, gal pals and colleagues wined and dined. It was not overly busy and the few hours we spent in the restaurant were not rushed. We took our time, sampling and chatting, the restaurant is pretty laid back. It’s definitely one of Liverpool’s finest places to wind down especially midweek. The menu is one that allows for a different experience for each visit and i look forward to popping in again – i hear they have a bottomless brunch!



If you are in the area and are looking for a place to eat make sure you visit. Neighbourhood is open in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. 

Neighbourhood Location

Neighbourhood kindly gifted us the meal*



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