LIFE’S A BEACH|#VeryHoliday

There is something about the blue skies, and warm air that excites me. Spring/Summer is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, it’s a season full of possibilities, and adventures. Holiday’s are the best time to de stress and recharge your batteries and a sunny escape is always a good idea. The picture below was taken in Miami on South beach, which is one of my favourite holiday spots, look at those blues!


 But what’s a sunny escape without a fabulous wardrobe to match?! A couple of weeks ago i was invited to my first blogger event by a dear friend @LifeofPingkan. The event was Very’s Holiday event where they shared sneak peaks of their 2017’s summer collection.

Feeling super excited and slightly nervous i turned up to Shop Direct not knowing what to expect. Now i am someone that loves clothing and having designed a few bit’s back in the day i know what i want in a piece, however since i am no fashion expat i went in blind, expectant and open minded. Here is what i found.


VeryHoliday Room

First of all can we appreciate the set up? So cozy!
The atmosphere was fun, the room was buzzing with bloggers who were catching up and exchanging ooo’s and aaaa’s as they inspected the collection. I met Alex aka @Alexlamode on insta, she was really cool and shared some hot tips on how to utilise social media. Her insta is dope! Karen Beddow aka @mini_travellers on insta was also there, she is next level mum goals, she gave amazing travel advice!

Not long after entering I spotted a beach essential, that is not only cute but totally insta worthy. I am talking about that round South Beach towel with one delicious looking  strawberry in the middle – yum! I really could have used this in Miami- definitely getting one, it’s too pretty.


I wondered around the room looking for the perfect swimsuit to match the beach towel and found the following;


The vibrant pink hues are dreamy, pink is a colour that amplifies a good tan and the swimsuit / dress make for a cute ‘pretty in pink’ moment. I really like the pattern and texture of the dress, it’s not your typical boring beach dress. The shape and flow of the pleats make it appear comfortable, i think beach dresses are better when they aren’t tight.


This leaf print bikini had me transfixed. It is incredible, the print is not overwhelming and the crochet top makes it a little sexy. It’s great for keeping the boobs from spilling over. ( Side note- you know when you go swimming and your bikini top slips a little and you have that awkward moment where you don’t know if anyone else saw? Yeah this bikini top will save you the embarrassment) LOL.

Swim suit details are are essential to the vibe you want to give at the beach, the leaf print is sexy, the blue swimsuit with ruffles is flirty and a great piece for a #Baecation. The black and white is probably my safety net swimsuit, the colour is sliming and the pattern hides any indication of food baby ;).



The collection contained numerous items with flowers, especially print and embroidered  flowers. I love the neckline of the pink dress above, it is classy and young, perfect for a holiday dinner date. The red and gold embroidered flower on the white top really stood out, it made the top less boring without overdoing it. I can just picture wearing this with a straw hat, some denim shorts and sandals, no need for any extra’s.


Black is not really a summer colour however the black dress above dress is the perfect LBD for #SS17. The layered pleats and light flower prints are gorgeous! It’s definitely a staple piece that can be recycled year round for a lifetime! I am honestly in love with it.



Like you i am used to seeing black ruffle bags and so when i saw a white version of the classic holiday bag i screamed (internally of course) it’s perfect. I have nothing else to say. Just look at it.

Up until this very moment of typing i had not realised that it was a Kendall and Kylie piece. I have never really been into the girls collection however this piece is a winner. It’s very Vanessa Hudgens – if she wore anything other than black ahaha! I just love it, i think i might get it?


As a working girl, i appreciated this hat a lot more than i usually do when it comes to sun hats. The ‘out of office’ print is really sassy and i can just imagine my petty side wearing it on holiday and posting it on FB… Aside from the petty aspect i just really do apreciate the versatility of this sun hat, think of any holiday outfit and add this piece on top- Voila just the extra spice needed.


I kindly ask you to scroll back up one more time and gaze at the shoes.
Done it? Okay do it 10 more times and you will feel exactly how myself and the other bloggers felt when we came across these babies! There isn’t much to say about them, they do the talking themselves. ❤



Last but not least the kid’s rails. I have no children and quite frankly i am a few years away from that season of life but i just couldn’t resist checking out what mini fashion held for #SS17. This little black number caught my eye, i just love! love! love! the colourful accents. It’s really adorable and playful, it would go nicely with the LBD pictured earlier as a ‘mummy and me’ outfit combo for dinner.

The orange leaf print dress is a playful and pretty piece. I like the vibrant sunset colours. The kid’s collection was quite impressive, it’s not your typical cartoon collection, it leans more on the little fashionista side. I think kid’s have a great sense of style and know what they want in outfits, this collection will allow them to explore their own fashion sense and enable them to express individuality.


The #VeryHoliday collection is stunning. There was a lot more on show and choosing what to show and what not to show was a bit difficult because everything looked incredible. The collection is all about detail, it’s the little crochet, leaf print, embroidery and vibrant colour that makes it outstanding.

My top three SS17 essentials from the #VeryHoliday collection are;

  1. The Kurt Geiger Mules
  2. Kendall + Kylie side bag
  3. Leaf Print Bikini


Picture yourself on South Beach Miami and tell me what your top three picks from the #VeryHoliday collection would be?


*This post is not sponsored by Very.


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