May | Blooming

Where have i been?

I have been learning, i have been growing and i have been healing.


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It’s been two months and a few days since i last blogged. I didn’t plan on taking a break, it just happened. So much happened. I have found myself sat on my desk trying to blog and failing to articulate my thoughts. The Millennial Diaries has been a place where i have always been honest about my thoughts and feelings. I aim to make this a blog of substance, a blog where i share the everyday millennial life, however it can be a little tough to sit down and share what is exactly happening when your life is in limbo.

It’s been two months and i have a lot to share with you.



I made myself a promise this year and this promise was to listen to my spirit. Listening to my spirit requires me to identify my needs and wants which is something i find difficult to do. I’m usually the one that is able to help others identify their needs and wants and I’m also the one who helps them acquire such, however this often causes me to neglect my own needs and wants. So in a bid to care for oneself i have decided to actually learn what it is that i truly want and need in my life.


Journaling has been helpful in the process of self discovery, i have been writing my thoughts, and my feelings down almost everyday. This process of journaling has provided me with an insight and profound understanding of what it is that i truly want and need. Acting upon this clarity, i made some bold decisions based on how i had been feeling and thinking, these decisions saw me leave toxic relationships, travel abroad, get a job and move cities.


In the space of two months my life changed, changed for the better.


It’s not an easy task, learning about yourself is a scary and often a difficult thing to do. I have learnt that in order to be satisfied in life you have to know your needs and wants. Gain an understanding of yourself and look after yourself because at the end of the day your quality of life is based on what you do for you. It’s important to fill your cup before you fill another cup.

edit headshot

Look after yourself. Love yourself.



photos by @lifeofpingkan

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