Isaiah 61:3 Playlist

Can we get real for a second? Please allow me to address a topic that needs to be addressed in this series of self care, this is the topic of low mood. Many of us feel low sometimes and for others it seems like a low mood is all you know. Feeling low is normal, it is hardly talked about because no one wants to be that ‘depressing person’ however, it is normal.

No one and nothing can be happy and upbeat all the time, we all experience dips in our moods here and there. Now what i want to address is the methods we choose to navigate such times, low moods can be be very difficult to navigate, sometimes it can be simple, you watch your favourite netflix show (mine is Fresh Prince) or dance to Taylor swift classic and you instantly feel great but what happens when you just cannot lift up your mood? What happens when your 5mile run hasn’t done it’s job or your bubble bath is no longer relaxing? What do you do next?

Personally i have been going through a growing period where i am learning things about myself and what i need. I tend to listen to my spirit and most of the time i know exactly what is going on and what i need however recently my methods of coping have become over used and some things have stopped working. It can be frustrating to know that i used to be able to watch an episode of Fresh Prince and be instantly cured and now it can barely raise the corners of my lips. I have outgrown my methods, this might be temporary, i am not sure, but i know for sure that it does not work anymore and neither does listening to empty secular songs. It seems that my spirit is crying out for more, and so i have gone back to basics and have turned to the holy word. I have gone back to God.

As a Christian i believe that the bible is my life manual, anything that i am going through will be answered, Christian philosophy is my personal guide. I found myself asking what does the bible say? What does it instruct?

I came across this beautiful verse in Isaiah 61:3

Isaiah 61:3 “Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness”.

The verse is to be interpreted however one intends, literal or figuratively. We are instructed to praise. For me this simply means that i should put on some praise and worship songs and sing, sing, sing (!). Sing with all of my heart and my soul. I find that certain lyrics resonate with me and my spirit literally lifts. I feel  a transformation, i feel passionate and i reconnect with a higher being. I stop wallowing, and i feel lighter.

Praise exercises thankfulness and gratitude, it unlocks the part of you that is reflective and positive.

This verse is in tune with scientific findings so if you are not spiritual or religious it is still applicable. Music uplifts your spirits, the right kind of music though, one that is uplifting.

So friends when you are down, throw on that garment of praise and thank God. Remind of yourself of the God that you serve, how you are a friend of God, how he made a way and just sing.

If you need somewhere to start don’t worry, I have taken the liberty of composing a Spotify playlist with my current favourite  praise and worship songs to get you started.

Please be encouraged.

Stay blessed.




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