Move over friendsgiving, it’s all about friendmas.

Christmas is a time when all of my friends come home from their universities and places of work and we all get a good solid catch up around the table whilst wearing ridiculous christmas jumpers whilst eating equally ridiculous amounts of food. This time spent together is dubbed ‘friendmas’, this is an event that is new to us newly 20 somethings who don’t get to see each other as much anymore and it allows us to just relax in old comfort zones around loved ones and it has to be one of my favourite traditions.

Ultimately Friendmas is an opportunity to reconnect and catch up.

Last year friendmas was held in Liverpool and this year it was held in London. So many good things have occurred this year and unfortunately these good things have seen my girls and i living far away from each other. So this friendmas was a more special reunion. We ate a tonne, drank one too many and spoke non stop for 3 days straight it was one beautiful weekend. Here are some pictures from the day:



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