Justin Bieber Live in London



A little while back in October my little sister, a friend and i attended the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour at the 02 arena in London. We have all grown up in the Bieber fever era and i will not deny that i have been a Belieber since his ‘Kidrahul’ days when i stumbled upon his cover of  Chris Brown’s song ‘with you’ which is an absolute classic.  I loved his cover, he was a cute and a scrawny kid with an adorable voice. Fast forward to summer 2009 i was on summer holiday in Bermuda and this kid just pops up all over american TV and his song ‘1 time’ (#tbt) is everywhere and i spent the summer nursing my Bieber fever.

I admittedly grew out of Bieber over the last few years but his new album really did manage to win me back and when he announced his tour back in December 2015 my friends and i jumped at the opportunity to go and see him live before it was too late (because we all know that guy is burning out… seriously he needs to take a break). Luckily for my little sister, i thought that she deserved to come and see the love of her life along with me so i gifted her a ticket as part of her christmas gift last year. My friend managed to snag us some amazing seats which looked decent, it was not until we got to the arena that we saw how truly amazing they were; our seats were floor seated, centre stage and three rows away from the stage, talk. about. luck. We couldn’t believe our luck. What’s ridiculous about this whole thing is that we paid so little for them compared to those seated around us (Score!).

The crowd was an electric mix of both females and males (the front row had 4 grown men well into their 20’s, just saying) and they were of all ages (there was a 50 something year old mum who had merch and glow sticks sat in front of us). The show was kicked off by Mic Lowry (Check out their song Oh Lord) who i had never heard of before that moment, for an opening act they really killed it, they held the crowds attention and those boys are mighty fine. The following act was a bit weird and did not really do much for me… (or the crowd) but they will probably be big in the following year.

The arena lights dimmed and Justin’s My Calvin ad’s flashed across the screens & holy smokes the crowd went wild. Biebs was extremely attractive in those ad’s and after waiting 2 hours we were ready to see him in flesh! The in house dj played his opening tunes, got us way too hyped and Justin lifted into the sky in a box whilst singing ‘mark my words’. It was iconic. The show was energetic, the crowd was loud and Justin looked tired and pissed. It was not until the second half of the show that he began to engage with the crowd and actually enjoy himself, i felt kinda bad for him.

The show had a floating trampoline stage which saw the Biebs doing tricks above my sections of seats (i can now  say that Justin Bieber has jumped above my head), there were tonnes of strobe lights, sick dance moves, a floating stage with Justin playing drums and very captivating visuals. The show was overall well put together, Justin was an amazing performer, he actually sang live, although he did lip sync a couple of dancy songs. He was also very good at singing live, i was thoroughly impressed with his dancers, they killed it and hi DJ needs a pay rise cause he kept us hyped all the way through.

We made eye contact with Justin, he saw our faces, we saw his, he sang to us and we danced along and i can honestly say that this was better than watching the 3D never say never concert movie in cinemas (eat your heart out 16 year old Ruth). We left the arena with snapchat overloads, tonnes of videos and genuine happiness.

Thank you Biebs for making my dreams come true.

One less lonely girl




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