Creamfields Festival


In July my good friend Pink invited me to an event, she just so happened to have a few extra tickets to Creamfields festival and ever so kindly sent me one upon my acceptance. In the UK the summer is mostly about music festivals, everyone and their grandma attends one of the hundreds held in the country. It is kind of a right of passage and 22 year old me had never been to one! So when Pink invited me i quickly accepted, as an added bonus the tickets she provided were Gold- epic friend.

Creamfields is one of the country’s biggest dance music festivals held at the end of August. It features DJ’s & Live acts, this year Calvin Harris was the headliner and Fatboy slim was also there! Such amazing DJ’s with an epic sound, their sets where electric, did i mention Annie Mac was also in attendance?

The festival is held in the North West of England- Warrington to be specific, it is on a large  farm spread over a few fields- talk about a lot of walking! Unfortunately, i did not mange to get many photos of the event, i had a tonne of video footage and only noticed post event. However i did manage to snap a few pics so here is my photo diary!


Laura & I at the entrance
Duke Demont killing it!



Fatboy Slim!





The Cream experience is hard to summarise, it is an electric environment with so much positive energy. Laura and i laughed all day, sang, danced and even made a few friends: the food was amazing, the music was magical and the acts superb. I have never been to such an event but this day solidified my new found love for music festivals. I finally understand why people attend them, i definitely need to head to a few more next summer and i suggest that you do too!

My first festival was such a success that taking photos was the last thing on my mind, however i hope you caught a glimpse of what a fun filled day at Creamfields looks like.

Ruth x

P.S if you have been to a festival please leave a comment and share your experience, also share which festivals i should attend next year! 😉 


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