A few months back a couple gal pals and i went to checkout Liverpool hotspot Neighbourhood. Decked out in neon signs, retro deco and pink furniture Neighbourhood is the North’s equivalent to London’s Sketch. 

I Know Nothing

‘I know nothing’. In early 2016, i came to the realisation that i knew nothing.

LIFE’S A BEACH|#VeryHoliday

There is something about the blue skies, and warm air that excites me. Spring/Summer is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, it’s a season full of possibilities, and adventures. Holiday’s are the best time to de stress and recharge your batteries and a sunny escape is always a good idea. The picture below was taken…

May | Blooming

Where have i been?

I have been learning, i have been growing and i have been healing.

Isaiah 61:3 Playlist

Can we get real for a second? Please allow me to address a topic that needs to be addressed in this series of self care, this is the topic of low mood. Many of us feel low sometimes and for others it seems like a low mood is all you know. Feeling low is normal,…

Creamfields Festival

On bank holiday Sunday my good friend Laura and i attended Creamfields Festival. We danced along to Calvin Harris, made new friends and reunited with old friends.